O Weed Slayer – KITT (2 Part Product)

Manufacturer: Agro Research International
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Weed Slayer KITT  is available in the following sizes:  2 qt, 2 gal, (5 gal case (2×2.5), 110 gal (2×55), 500(2×250 gal) gal pallet tank


Product Name

Weed Slayer KITT


Product Manufacturer

Agro Research International

Product Type

Plant Protection



Broad spectrum, systemic natural herbicide

A unique herbicide made from Eugenol 6% an essential oil of cloves and molasses.

Works systemically – over time.  Results are normally seen in about a week but can take up to 10 to 14


For use in controlling grass and weeds.



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Weed Slayer is only sold as Weed Slayer KITT because of necessity of using the Agro Gold adjuvant at a 1:1 ratio with the Weed Slayer itself.  Packaging of the KITT includes equal amounts of each product.  For instance a 5 gallon case of Weed Slayer KITT would include 2.5 gal Weed Slayer and 2.5 gal Agro Gold adjuvant.  This amount (5 gallon KITT) will treat about 5 acres at the broadcast rate.

For the Weed Slayer system to work effectively the final tank solution pH must be between 3 and 5 with 4 being preferred for most situations.  Organic Citric AcidConstant BupHer, and Mixwell are organically approved for spray tank water pH adjustment.

Recent research has shown that the addition of a yucca or silicone based surfactant at lowest label rates can increase effectiveness.  There are also indications that a small amount of fulvic acid (+/- 1/2 pint per acre) in the tank solution can have a positive effect.  Weed Slayer works by traveling through the plant’s vascular system toward the root zone.



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