Garden and Lawn

Gardens, lawns, and landscapes – home is where the heart is!  We would all like our surroundings to be magazine ready, but most of us don’t have the time, knowledge, or tools to get it done.  We can’t do much about time, but these pages are designed to help with the “knowledge and tools” part.  Then again, if you have enough knowledge and the right tools, time constraints may become more manageable.  Plow ahead for tips and how-tos on “natural” methods of growing, irrigating, spraying, weeding and pest management on the home front.

kids corner grass and trees

The Art of Growing

Tips, Templates, and Telltale Signs...

Gardens, lawns, and landscape plants trees each have their own growing needs.  In a home setting they often compete for sunlight, fertility, and water.  In this section we will attempt to address the needs of each of these categories, how they might best fit together, and signs that something is “not quite right”.


The Natural Gardener

The Natural Landscaper


All About the Water

Proper watering can make or break a landscape or a garden.  And it is the rare vegetable garden that would not benefit from foliar spraying nutrients and/or pest suppressants of some sort.  Commercial growers have a lot of information about irrigation and foliar spraying for large acreage at their disposal.  Proper techniques and resources for small scale watering and spraying, presented in an easy to access and understandable way, are harder to come by.  We are going to give it a try.




Water Quality


plant - dandelion

Tools of the Trade

Home Edition

The right tool is a time saver, if not a life saver!  Commercial operations dedicate a lot of time, money, and effort to finding the right tool for the job.  Their scale of production both allows it and demands it.  So what’s a poor homeowner to do?  They generally don’t have the time or the money to research, buy, test, and adapt all the tools that would make life easier for them.  In this section we will try to create some shortcuts by highlighting resources and techniques that will have you gardening sort of like a pro!


Soil Prep