Founded in 1996, Earthwise Organics started out as a composted products company.  It has since grown into an agricultural wholesale, retail, and consulting business – distributing products throughout Texas and nationwide.  More than your typical sales and distribution company- Earthwise provides scaled and knowledge based solutions for nearly every growers need.  Earthwise Organics has been in business since 1996, supplying soil and plant friendly fertility materials to a wide variety of customers in the agricultural and horticultural industries.  Our original mission was to serve landscapers, nurseries, municipalities and agriculture with quality composted products.  In 1998 we decided to expand our presence in the agricultural market by representing a handful of promising nature-based agricultural products.

That portion of our business has continued to grow.  Over the years our company has agreed to represent what we believe are the best products of some of the most reliable formulators and manufacturers in the “sustainable ag” industry.  We have continued to expand our service area across Texas and New Mexico, then region-wide, and now to the worldwide web in order to better serve our growing customer base.  With the recent sale of our compost facilities we are now focusing on knowledge based “growing for a living”.  Toward that goal, this website is our latest and most comprehensive effort to date.  Take a look around, and let us know if we can help you.

“Earthwise Organics aims to provide quality products, reliable service, cutting edge technology, and in depth knowledge at an affordable price in our effort to help growers make a profit, year after year.”

– Thomas Harr, President



Earthwise Organics is formed.  Composting site is acquired and first compostable products mixed and turned at original composting yard in Harlingen, Texas.


Earthwise Organics becomes incorporated. First batch of organic compost is completed.


EO expands presence in the agricultural market by representing a handful of promising nature-based agricultural products in the South Texas area.


EO expands presence to West Texas and Eastern New Mexico and begins to add to agricultural product line.


EO initiates statewide distribution while developing complete product line for organic/sustainable agricultural production.


EO acquires professional office staff through successful merger.


EO continues to add to sustainable product line and consulting services. Develops ‘seed to harvest’ capability in order to maximize client productivity and efficiencies.


EO launches website, opens retail location.


EO continues to expand customer base to 15+ states, revamps website to reflect and support regional service area.


The end of an era!  Earthwise Organics negotiates the sale of its compost production facilities to local organic farmers.


EO renews focus on its service to agricultural customers through knowledge based sales and support.  Launches new educational website as a tool for customers to easily reference important information about products, pests, and much more.


A big year for Earthwise – many changes!

Earthwise Organics launches its newest venture – Grassfed Beef!

Earthwise completes the sale of its two commercial composting facilities.

Earthwise moves its headquarters to its new location in La Ward, Texas on the Upper Gulf Coast.


Retail Office Location - We've moved!

13081 State Hwy 172 La Ward, Texas 77970

Visit our retail/warehouse location in La Ward, Texas. Browse our shelves and tour our warehouses – never know what you might find!


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Nationwide Delivery

Delivery nationwide- For all orders- large and small

We work hard to keep freight costs down for our customers.  We are able to offer affordable shipping options to customers in the continental U.S.  Contact us for more info on multiple options for nationwide delivery.


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