Featured Item – 8 part series on  The Whys and Wherefores of Soil Testing

Plant Pest Guides

What bugs you most?  You will probably find it here!  We have created plant pest guides for many of the “usual suspects” that always seem to be lurking in or about your fields.  These guides summarize some very useful facts about plant diseases and insect pests (and other crawlers) affecting commonly grown crops.  After perusing these pages you will know where they live, how they live, where they spend their winters, who their friends are, and how to make them feel unwelcome.


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Grower's Toolbox

Growers need and use a lot of tools of all kinds, shapes, and sizes.  Knowledge is one of the most valuable tools we have accessible to us.  It is a truism that the only thing more expensive than having the right tools is not having them.

Free tool rental straight ahead!


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Peruse our frequently asked questions for quick answers to many basic questions concerning biological/organic/natural farming.


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