In this section of the site we have created individual tracts summarizing some important facts about plant diseases and insect (and other crawling) pests affecting commonly grown crops.  By knowing  more about the life cycle of these “pests” and the conditions in which they thrive, we can adapt cultural practices, variety choices, crop rotations, irrigation timings, etc, to minimize the problems related to their emergence.  We have also included the names of some sustainable and/or organically acceptable products that can suppress or exclude these diseases if other approaches do not work sufficiently.

Producing healthy and attractive crops is always a work in progress.  Our knowledge of how to achieve best results is a work in progress also.  The information in these “monographs’ will be revised as we learn new methods and as new products and tools become available in the marketplace. We welcome input – feel free to email us anecdotes and experiences relating to pest control methods.  And check back for updates.

Disease monographs

Short summaries of important facts about individual diseases


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Pest monographs

Short summaries of important facts about individual insect (and other crawling) pests


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