Growers need and use a lot of tools.   It is a truism that the only thing more expensive than having the right tools is not having them.  At Earthwise, we want to be part of the solution – providing learning tools, inputs and resources that are handy and available in real time.  In this section of our site you will find information about soils, water, plants, nutrients, and equipment that can directly impact the farm’s bottom line.  You will also find information about the relationship between all of the above to healthy plants and to pest problems, including insects, diseases, and weeds.  We will be publishing our take on a lot of the science and art behind growing crops as well as links to other articles, papers, and sites that we have found enlightening.  Some of what we publish here will be solicited from other companies, consultants, farmers, and friends that we have grown to respect in the industry.  Resourced articles will be signed by the authors or some other form of attribution or citation will be noted.  We welcome feedback from interested parties.  Learning never stops.  Whenever we think we are sure about something in agriculture, we probably better think again!

As with most of this web site, we will be adding new content periodically, so check back in to see the latest.

The Soil

What is soil?  Why is “taking care of the soil” so important?  What defines a good soil?

Pretty good questions, we think.

In this section we attempt to explain and document the science and wonder of what makes a good soil.


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General Knowledge

Agriculture is a broad and multidisciplinary subject.  We have tried to group the subjects in Earthwise Academy as intuitively as possible, but there is a lot of overlap and some information doesn’t seem to fit under any particular heading.  The “hard to classify” but “important to know” subjects are grouped under this General Knowledge heading.  Happy Hunting!


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'The Law of Minimums' .. or.. 'A chain is only as strong as its weakest link'

The supply of mineral nutrition to plants is a crucial and highly dynamic process – nutrient shortages can and do impact plant growth, health, and fruiting at critical times in the growing season.


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Animals husbandry is one of the oldest agricultural arts.


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Philosophical Meanderings on Farming, Life, Animals, Ethics, and more

The job of taking care of plants and animals is always a huge responsibility, and often a joy.    It can be physically and mentally demanding – the knowledge and wisdom needed to be successful cuts across the sciences, engineering, business, logic, and even psychology.  And although you might not think that would leave much time for philosophy, that’s what this section of our website is all about – the philosophy of the philosophic meanderings of those that spend time close to the land.

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wheat, plant


If you’re in agriculture (or horticulture or silviculture …) you are concerned with plants.  Depending on your agricultural perspective, any particular plant might be a cash crop, a feedstock, a windbreak,  water break, or a weed.  Your soils and your equipment should and do occupy a lot of your thinking, but in the end it is the health, quantity, quality of the plant you produce that allows you to “farm again next year”.  Of course marketing and finance have a place as well, but if you don’t have anything to market it makes financing a lot more difficult!

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