Kids' Corner

No, this is not the kind of corner you have to stand in when you’re bad!  This is the kind of corner that’s built just for kids – grownups are allowed – but they have to play nice.

So come on in and enjoy the scenery!

Kids Corner -What's Best-Grass or Trees?

What's Best - Grass or Trees?

Grass is best because it’s fun to lay around in.

Trees are best because they are cool to climb in.

And don’t even get me started on flowers!


Did You Know?


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Kids Corner- Wacky World of Soil Life

The Wacky World of Soil Life!

There are a lot of little critters that live in the soil.  Most of them are so small that you can’t see them without a microscope.  Most people have heard of earthworms, but how about nematodes?  That’s another kind of worm.  Take a look at some of the weird creatures that live in the soil.


Soil Critters!

The Ice Box Door


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plant - dandelion

Are Plants a Thing?

Why, yes they are!

Are flowers and trees and grass and seaweed all plants?  Again, the answer is, Yes!  And lots of other unusual things are plants, too.  Explore the world of plants today!

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