We stock a number of agricultural and horticultural products for all needs.  These include organic, organic restricted, and some conventional agricultural products.  The list of products below is sorted by treatment type (soil, plant nutrition, plant protection, water treatment, and livestock).  Each of these categories contain subheadings that group closely related products.  Click on any of the products for more information including quantities, usage, organically allowed status, and ordering information.  You can also click on the Download Catalog button to download and print the complete catalog.  If you are looking for a product that we don’t stock, check the manufacturers list at the end of the catalog or separately in the index link on this page.  We can direct ship any of the products they carry.

If you have any further questions concerning a product or its availability, you can  Contact us with questions or to request more information.


Soil Treatments

Composts, Humates, Mycorrhizae, Soil Inoculants, Microbial Products, Rock Minerals, Seed Treatments, and more…


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Plant Nutrition

Dry Fertilizers, Liquid Fertilizers, Major and Minor Elements, Adjuvants, BioStimulants, Growth Promoters, and more…


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Plant Protection

Pest Control, Disease Control, Weed Control, Environmental Stress Mitigators, Post Harvest Aids


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Water Treatments etc.

Water Treatments: Buffers, Sanitizers, Cleaners, Surfactants, etc


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Livestock Products

Livestock Feed, Supplements, Health Aids


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Agricultural Products - Catalog


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