Welcome to the Blog Page!

This page is meant to be somewhat of a hodgepodge of short takes on various subjects: ag related news, farming tips, market directions and opportunities, philosophical meanderings and more.  There will be a series on Life at the Ranch and we plan to have a number of guest blogs from friends and acquaintances in the industry.  Check back often as you can for the latest and let us know if you have subjects on which you could use more information.

countdown to launch

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The Effective Use of Compost

The Effective Use of Compost situs togel situs togel […]

GMOs – How Do We Avoid Them?

In America and across the world, consumers are becoming more

GMOs – Are They Safe?

Now that I have a better understanding as to what a GMO is,

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch 3

So, as I was saying, keeping the “easy keepers” is the goal!

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch 2

Expanding on our lessons…learning from cows and cow people…

GMO Begins It All…

Sometime back in 2013, I remember sitting at my desk working, but my

Compost, The Series, part 2

This the second part of our original series: “The […]

Compost – The Series, part 1

This is the first part of our original series …

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

I moved to Texas from the midwest back in …