Pretty cow

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

I moved to Texas from the midwest back in 2005. One big difference in the landscape was the presence of cows – lots of cows. And boy, were they PRETTY! As we drove across the state to meet and service our customers, I would comment to that effect – “those cows sure are pretty.”

Then, 5 years ago, when I returned from visiting family in the midwest, my husband greeted me with “we’re going to get in the cattle business!” He says his decision was made because of my ongoing admiration, but I’ve reminded him that I have mentioned that a lot of other things are pretty (houses, for example), and we haven’t bought a new house.

Anyway, in November 2011, we started a new venture – cattle ranching. And, what an (ad)venture it’s been.

I grew up on a farm, but a cow-less one, so these marvelous creatures are a new experience. In some ways, it’s like having a lot of over-sized dogs as they clamor for attention and come running (udders swinging and all) when they see us putting out their treat bowls (they love alfalfa cubes). It’s been hard to remember that we’ve been advised not to “fall in love” with any of them.

So, what have we been learning in the last 5 years?


I’ll be expanding on our lessons…

Our cows remind us quite often that they have a LOT to teach us!!

And, we’ve also discovered there are a LOT of knowledgeable people out there; you just have to find them.



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