GMO Begins It All...

By Sulema Gonzales on January 27, 2017

Sometime back in 2013, I remember sitting at my desk working, but my mind kept wandering….

I couldn’t stop wondering what those 3 big letters stood for….G-M-O.

Every so often I’d come across an email for my boss that mentioned GMO’s, and now our company was selling a feed product that stated NON-GMO right at the top of the bag.  So the next chance I had, as my boss walked thru our office, I stopped him and asked, “What does GMO stand for?”  He responded with, “GMO stands for genetically modified organisms”, and then he walked out.

“GMO is a what?”, I thought.  He gave me an answer, but I still wasn’t quite sure I understood what that meant.  Why did the product we sell claim to have no GMO’s?  Were they bad?  What was the big deal?

Thank goodness for the internet!

This research was the beginning…

As I discovered the truth behind GMO’s, and that they were not only in some animal food, but also in the food we buy, I was greatly bothered.  This led me to NEED to learn even more…So I hit the documentaries!

I used to think documentaries were boring and I only enjoyed watching chic flicks, but there I was on a Saturday afternoon scrolling thru Netflix in search of a documentary about food. (which is now a habit of mine that makes my family crazy!)

It didn’t take long before I came across Food Inc., the first documentary I ever watched about the food industry. (I’ve probably seen a few dozen by now)

It was kinda gross to watch at times, but boy did it open my eyes and was definitely more than I was expecting.

I will never look at food the same way again!

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January 27th, 2017

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