OR Pyganic Crop Protection EC 1.4%

Manufacturer: MGK
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Pyganic Crop Protection EC 1.4%

Pyganic Crop Protection EC 1.4%  is available in the following sizes: 1 qt, 1 gal  (4 gal case), 144 gal pallet


Product Name

Pyganic Crop Protection EC 1.4%


Product Manufacturer


Product Type

Plant Protection



Contact kill.

Broad spectrum contact insecticide.  Works best at tank pH of 6.0 or below.  Constant BUpH-er and Mixwell are OMRI listed products available for tank water buffering.

Derived from chrysanthemums.



A need for rapid, broad-spectrum insect control.

(counter indication – need to conserve beneficial insects)


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Harms beneficials insects as well as targeted insect pests.  Important to take this into account when considering when and whether to use this product.  Beneficial insects may be controlling pests in the field (other than the targeted pest).

Very Important –  Spray solution must be adjusted to pH of near 6 (or below) for maximum effectiveness of product.  Constant BUpH-er and Mixwell are OMRI labelled products available for this purpose.



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