O Constant BUpH-er

Manufacturer: Verdesian Life Sciences
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Northwest AgriProducts, Constant BUpH-er, water treatment, adjuvant, Spray Tank pH Regulator

Available in the following sizes: 2.5 gal (5 gal case), 180 gal pallet


Product Name

Constant BUpH-er


Product Manufacturer

Verdesian Life Sciences

Product Type


Water Treatment




Spray Tank pH Regulator

Non-foaming pH buffer

Improves nutrient uptake and pesticide stability



Use with foliar sprays to adjust the tank solution to near pH of 6.0 for increased uptake efficiency.

Use with products requiring specific pH range for efficacy.


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Constant BUpH-er is an organic buffer that will safely lower water pH while minimizing
the potential for damage to equipment.

Specific use rates will vary with conditions of applications such as water hardness,
application method, equipment, spray droplet size, condition of foliage, etc.


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