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Brandt TresOil is available in the following sizes:  250 gal pallet


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Brandt TresOil


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Plant Protection



Mineral oil foliar spray labeled as a fungicide, insecticide, and miticide.

Manufactured by reverse emulsion process which allows for small droplet size and excellent tank water compatibilty.




TresOil is a broad-spectrum fungicide, insecticide, and miticide.  It is a reverse emulsion formulation with the consistency (and look) of liquid yogurt.  The reverse emulsion process allows it to break into a very small droplet size when sprayed as part of a foliar mixture.  This allows for a more complete and uniform coverage of the plant surface.  It is often used in conjunction with Keyplex Ecotrol Plus   and Certis Des-X.


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Brandt TresOil is made with a reverse emulsion process that allows this oil to mix very easily with water in the spray tank.  It is sometimes used in combination with Des-X (liquid soap) for a more effective kill of some insects.

Small droplet size greatly enhances plant leaf surface coverage.

Zero days to harvest, 4 hour reentry interval.


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