OR Allganic Nitrogen Plus 15-0-2

Manufacturer: SQM
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Allganic Nitrogen Plus 15-0-2, SQM, plant nutrition, water soluble

Allganic Nitrogen Plus 15-0-2 is available in the following sizes: 50 lb bags, 2800 lb pallet (56 bags), 2645 lb super bag


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Allganic Nitrogen Plus 15-0-2


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Plant Nutrition



Nitrogen(N) Plus Potassium(K)

Highly water soluble, organically acceptable source of nitrogen with potassium



Nitrogen deficiency in plants or soil


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This nitrate product is a soil-stable form of nitrogen(N) that is immediately available for plant use.  It can be spread dry or dissolved in water and applied through irrigation system.  Nitrates are not as volatile as other forms of N, but can be more easily leached .  Allganic 15-0-2 can be used to closely match N supply with times of peak N need by plant.  Especially useful in cooler months of the growing season when the microbial release of organic N from the soil slows.


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