OR Sodium Borate

Manufacturer: Multiple Manufacturers
Quality Borate, U.S. Borax, sodium borate, plant nutrition, water soluble

Solubor and QB-21 are available in the following sizes: 50 lb bags,  2000 lb pallet


Product Name

Solubor / QB – 21


Product Manufacturer

U.S. Borax, Inc. / Quality Borate Co.

Product Type

Plant Nutrition



Sodium Borate (21% Boron).

Water soluble Powder.



Boron deficiency in plants or soil.

Boron deficiency (and toxicity) in plants is determined by test, observation, or known nutritional needs of certain plants and/or systems.  Boron is critical to many plant functions, but overuse of boron can easily lead to toxicity, so the type and amount of boron applied to crops should be carefully measured and monitored.   Small amounts of boron are also available in the various Biomin Booster multimineral products, such as Cal-Boro, and Cal-Boro Light.


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Boron is often deficient in multiple fruiting crops, especially late season.


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