o Potassium Sulfate (Sulfate of Potash) – Ultrafine

Manufacturer: Diamond K
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Diamond K, Sulfate of Potash, 0-0-50, ultra fines

Sulfate of Potash is available in the following sizes:  50 lb bags, pallet (50 lb bags), pallet (super bag)


Product Name

Ultra Fines Sulfate of Potash


Product Manufacturer

Diamond K Gypsum

Product Type

Soil Treatment / Plant Nutrition



50% Potash,  Water Soluble Fine Powder



Soil potassium deficiency, plant potassium deficiency.

Suitable for injection through irrigation systems.

(Diamond K,the manufacturer of this product, also sells specially designed applicators to more easily inject this potassium product into a variety of irrigation systems)


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Suitable for application through irrigation: drip, sprinkler or pivot.

Low Salt Index – suitable for foliar or soil use.

Plants generally use as much Potassium as they do Nitrogen.  Even in soils with sufficient “available” potassium, plants can experience a shortage late season as the Potassium in the immediate vicinity of the root hairs is used up.  Applied Potassium in the root zone is often useful late season, esp in multiple fruiting crops (cotton, cucurbits, tomatoes, etc.).  Reasonably priced and easily fertigated DK Potassium Sulfate can be a good choice in that situation.

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