O Nature Safe 13-0-0 Blending Base

Manufacturer: Darling Ingredients
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Griffin Industries, Nature Safe 13-0-0, plant nutrient, feathermeal pellets, slow release nitrogen

Nature Safe 13-0-0 is available in the following sizes: 50 lb bags,  2000 lb pallet,  2000 lb super bags


Product Name

Nature Safe 13-0-0


Product Manufacturer

Darling Ingredients

Product Type

Plant Nutrition



Feather Meal Pellets- 13% Nitrogen    Organically acceptable source of slow-release nitrogen 13-0-0    Hydrolyzed feather meal, meat meal, and blood meal in pelleted form



Nitrogen deficiency in soil or plant


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Estimated N release rate about 90% in 3 months in warm weather.    This product is also available in unpelleted (meal) form by bulk truckload – call for information.   Use meal or pellets according to preferred application method.


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