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Manufacturer: Douglas Plant Health
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Myco Seed Treat is available in the following sizes: 1 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, and 30 lb buckets


Product Name

Myco Seed Treat


Product Manufacturer

Douglas Plant Health

Product Type

Soil Treatment / Microbial Seed Treatment



Dry planter box treatment.

Probiotic protector of seed, plant roots and immediate rhizosphere.

5 species of Mycorrhizzae with multiple species of beneficial Rhizophere Bacteria.



Douglas Plant Health Myco Seed Treat is a dry formulation, planter box treatment that is effective on seeds of all sizes during germination, emergence, and early growth.  May be applied directly on seeds before or after placement in the planter box.  For large acreage applications there is an automated dry treater available at Enviropac, Inc.


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Facilitates a Symbiotic Relationship with Plant Roots; Enhances Rhizosphere; Builds Soil Structure; Improves Mineral Uptake and Drought Resistance
Can be custom applied by seed supplier


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