O Jet-Oxide 15%

Manufacturer: Jet Harvest Solutions
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Jet Harvest Solutions, Jet-Oxide 15%, Peroxyacetic Acid, Agricultural Sanitizer

Jet-Oxide 15% is available in the following sizes: 5 gal, 30 gal drum, 55 gal drum, pallet tank


Product Name

Jet Oxide 15%


Product Manufacturer

Jet Harvest Solutions

Product Type

Plant Protection / Water Treatment



Post Harvest Agricultural Sanitizer and Irrigation System Cleaner

22% H2O2,  15% Peroxyacetic Acid (PAA)



For sanitizing hard room surfaces, as an addition to acceptable manual cleaning and disinfection of processing and storage room surfaces.

May be applied as a dip or spray to control the growth of non-public health microorganisms that may cause decay and/or spoilage on raw, post-harvest fruits and vegetables during the post harvest process.

For sanitizing harvest and transport equipment such as pickers, trailers, trucks (including truck body parts and tires), bins, packing crates, ladders, power tools, gloves, rubber boots, pruning shears or other food handling equipment.

Can be used to clean irrigation systems including filters, mainlines and drip tape.


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This product is classified as HAZMAT (restricted shipping – shipping charges apply).

This a very strong product.  You will need chemical resistant seals in any pump that is passing undiluted product.  Use caution when handling (see label) and dilute accordingly.


Packing House Sanitization: Jet-Oxide® 15% is an effective sanitizer against microorganisms such as Xanthomonas campestris (axonopodis) pathovars citrumeto (citrus canker surrogate) and Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.


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