Manufacturer: Lam International Corporation
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Certis, Lam International, Biofungicide, emulsifiable suspension mycoinsecticide, beauvaria strain GHA

BoteGHA ES is available in the following sizes:  1 gal  (4 gal case),  144 gal pallet


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Product Manufacturer

LAM International Corporation

Product Type

Plant Protection



GHA strain of a naturally occurring parasitic fungus  – Beauveria Bassiana

Liquid Formulation

Agricultural label for Foliar and Soil Application

Wide range of labeled use for insects and crops



BoteGHA ES is a formulation of a strain of the naturally occurring insect parasitic fungus Beauvaria Bassiana Strain  (see more info here and here).  It is labeled for both foliar and soil application.  It has the ability to infect most insects, and is especially effective in high humidity environments.  When applied in the soil it may interrupt the life cycle of what are typically thought of as above ground insect pests, such as cucumber beetles, aphids, thrip, flea beetles, etc.


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BoteGHA ES is a very effective tool against a wide variety of insect pests, especially when used in the soil as part of an integrated approach to insect management.  BoteGHA ES was previously known as Mycotrol ESO.

Mycotrol ESO is still available in quart size containers.

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