OR Bioside HS 15%

Manufacturer: Enviro Tech Chemical Services Inc
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Bioside HS 15%, sanitizer

Bioside HS 15% is available in the following sizes:  52.79 gal drum, pallet (4 drums)


Product Name

Bioside HS


Product Manufacturer

Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc.

Product Type

Plant Protection  (post harvest)

Water Treatment



Peroxyacetic Acid-Based Microbiocide

H2O2 – 22%

Peroxyacetic Acid – 15%



For the control of bacteria and fungi in water or ice that contacts raw or fresh, post-harvest or further processed fruits and vegetables.

For the control of sulfides, odor, slime and algae in water systems.

To clean slime and algae from drip system filters, tapes and emitters.

For use on precleaned surfaces such as equipment, pipelines, tanks, vats, filters, evaporators, pasteurizers, and aseptic equipment in dairies, breweries, wineries, beverage and food processing/packing plants, and egg processing/packing equipment surfaces.


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