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Manufacturer: JH Biotech 
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Biomin Copper, JH Biotech

Biomin Copper is available in the following sizes:  2.5 gal (5 gal case)


Product Name

Biomin Copper

Product Manufacturer

JH Biotech

Product Type

Plant Nutrition



Foliar application – efficient, rapid mineral uptake.

Amino Acid chelated form of micronutrients.

Copper (Cu) ………………………………………………………………..4% Chelated Copper



Biomin Copper is indicated when copper levels in the plant are below desired levels and need to be quickly restored to optimum.  Copper deficiency (and toxicity) in plants is determined by test, observation, or known nutritional needs of certain plants and/or systems.  Copper is critical to many plant functions, but overuse of copper can easily lead to toxicity, so the type and amount of copper applied to crops should be carefully measured and monitored.  Biomin amino acid chelated copper provides easily absorbable and “plant friendly” copper for immediate use by the plant.  Small amounts of copper are also included in the various Biomin Booster multimineral products, such as Biomin Booster 126 and Biomin Booster 153.


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Liquid formulation, readily absorbed and utilized in the plant with little danger of accumulated toxicity.

Total copper use should always be taken into account when calculating how much copper to apply on crops.  Copper fungicides and bacteriacides are popular and often agronomically useful when growing horticultural crops, especially under difficult climatic conditions.  The copper in these products can be absorbed as a nutrient by the plant, and their possible use should be considered in developing a copper fertility plan.


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