OR Biomin Boron

Manufacturer: JH Biotech 
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Biomin Boron is available in the following sizes:  2.5 gal  (5 gal case), 180 gal pallet, 55 gal drum, pallet tank


Product Name

Biomin Boron

Product Manufacturer

JH Biotech

Product Type

Plant Nutrition



Foliar application – efficient, rapid mineral uptake.

Amino acid chelated form of Boron.

Boron (B) ………………………………………………………………..3% Chelated Boron



Biomin Boron is indicated when boron levels in the plant are below desired levels and need to be quickly restored to optimum.  Boron deficiency in plants is determined by test, observation, or known nutritional needs of certain plants and/or systems.  Boron is critical to many plant functions, but overuse of boron can easily lead to toxicity, so the type and amount of boron applied to crops should be carefully measured and monitored.  Biomin amino acid chelated boron provides easily absorbable and “plant friendly” boron, in appropriate amounts for immediate use by the plant.


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Boron is an essential nutrient that is very important for cell wall construction, immune system function, and proper calcium deposition.  It also works synergistically with Calcium in many situations.  The ideal window for Boron uptake by the plant is small compared to other essential nutrients.  Because of the very real possibility of causing toxicity by oversupplementation, Boron is often neglected or underutilized in fertility programs.  The use of amino acid chelated Calcium/Boron as a foliar spray and/or drip irrigation injection can avoid the problems of toxicity while supplying sufficient quantities of this very important plant nutrient.


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