Aqua Drive

Manufacturer: Diamond K
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Aqua Drive is available in the following sizes: 2.5 gal (5 g,al case), 180 gal pallet, pallet tank


Product Name

Aqua Drive


Product Manufacturer

Diamond K

Product Type

Soil Treatment

Water Treatment



Non-ionic surfactant additive: improves soil wetting and penetration of treated irrigation water – reduces ponding.




Reduces the surface tension of water by a  much as 60%.

Allows water to flow in a more effective pattern through the soil profile especialy in heavy and/or salty soils.


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Apply through irrigation water or spray on the surface of the soil.  Increased permeability of heavy, compacted, or salty soils (through use of wetting agents) can help flush toxic buildup, allow more air into the root zone, and favor the development of a diverse soil microbial population.




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