AgSil 25

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AgSil 25 is available in the following sizes: 55 gal drums, 220 gal pallet


Product Name

AgSil 25


Product Manufacturer

PQ Corporation

Product Type

Plant Nutrition

Plant Protection



Potassium silicate – Silicate is an important nutrient in plant cell wall structures.

Helps plants to resist toxicity from phosphorous, manganese, aluminum and iron and increases tolerance to salt.




AgSil improves leaf erectness, and improves photosynthesis efficiency. It provides resistance to mineral stress, decreases climate stress, improves strength, and increases growth and yield .



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Potassium Silicate (AgSil) is a very sensitive to pH in tank solutions.  At pH of 6 it will polymerize (gel) and can be very difficult to work with if it gets to that stage.  When first beginning to use this product we recommend keeping your spray tank water above 7 or below 5 in order to avoid any problems with this material.


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