Presently, Earthwise has the ability to sell both live and processed animals to customers within the Great State of Texas.  You can pick up live animals at our ranch location near Port Lavaca, Texas or we can make arrangements to deliver them to your location.   For packaged meat purchases, we process our cattle at small, locally owned facilities in Gonzales, Texas (Gonzales Processing), and Poth, Texas (Meatworx and Wiatrek’s Meat Market).  Our preference is for Wiatrek’s Meat Market in Poth.  They have the ability to handle all aspects of the processing, including custom cuts of  meat, labeling, and packaging.  Because these facilities are state inspected we are only allowed to sell to customers in Texas at this time.  We are selling live animals (“on the hoof”) or processed animals in whole, 1/2 or 1/4 portions custom cut and wrapped.  We  also have ground beef available in 1 pound packages.  See pricing below.  We will be adding pricing for individual beef cuts soon.

Gonzales Processing, Texas State Inspected Meat Processor
Gonzales Processing
Gonzales Processing, Texas State Inspected Meat Processor
Gonzales Processing

Earthwise Grassfed Beef - What to Expect

When ready to sell, our cattle typically weigh anywhere from 900 to 1500 lbs and are  3-6 years of age.  The yield in typical, edible meats of one of our 3-6 year old beeves will be about 40% or about 350-600 lbs.  We use state inspected custom processors in Poth, Texas and Gonzales, Texas. These processors will create custom cuts; call or message us for more info on the possibilities or read about some of the different ways of cutting beef here.  Custom cuts can only be fulfilled with 1/2  and whole animal purchases.  A typical cut will yield steaks, roasts, hamburger, stew meat, brisket, soup bones, and dog bones.  There will also be fat, tallow, and suet.  Buyers of whole, half, or quarter animals can choose to keep the fat, suet, and edible organ meat or it can be left with the processor for disposal.  Ground beef can be made to be anywhere from 70-90% lean.  Steaks and roasts can be cut to a specified thickness.

Custom Processing Info

Below is a typical list of cuts (and this is the one we use personally) that could be ordered from our processor.  According to preference, other cuts may be specified.  Thicknesses of some cuts can be specified as well, within practical limits.  The percentage of the animal processed into ground beef will vary depending on the customer preference.  As an example, if your family enjoys eating a lot of ground beef, you might decide to forego the brisket and stew meat cuts and have them made into ground beef instead.


Meat Cuts




NY Strip

Ground Beef  (80/20 – use all other meat)

Roasts (sirloin tips, eye of round, top of chuck)

Stew Meat (from brisket)

Hanger Steak

Flank Steak


Optional (take home or leave with processor)

Bones (oxtail, soup bones, dogbones, etc)

Liver, Heart (slice thin)

Tallow and Fat

Earthwise Grassfed Beef Pricing

Prices below are for live or processed animals.  Prices for live animals are based on the customer picking up the animal in the Port Lavaca, Texas area.


Live animals picked up at the ranch (Port Lavaca, Texas area)

Pricing is for live animal weight (per pound basis).  Live weight is determined by ranch scale unless other arrangements are made by customer.  Delivery can also be arranged.

Whole animal (live)                           1.65/lb


Meat picked up at processor (Poth, Texas or Gonzales, Texas)

Prices include basic processing (custom cutting and standard wrapping) at a Texas-state inspected facility.   Note: Each processor offers upgraded wrapping options and enhanced processing (pre-formed patties, tenderizing, stew meat, etc) at additional cost.  Customers can specify wrapping preference and enhanced processing when providing custom cutting instructions.  Prices listed are for hanging weight when put in cooler at processor.  Beef will hang (cure) in the cooler for 14-21 days.  There will be some moisture shrinkage during this time and before the final cuts are made.   The products resulting from the processing of the animal include all cut and ground meats plus soup bones, dog bones, organ meats, fat, tallow, and suet (see detailed list in left column).  Items not wanted by the customer can be left at the processing plant to be discarded.  Call us for details on what to expect and the custom cuts available.

Based on Hanging Weight:

*1 animal (2 sides)                                          4.60/lb

*1/2 animal (1 side)                                        4.80/lb

*1/4 animal (1/2 of one side)                        5.25/lb


Customers should be prepared to pick up their order from the processor.
Delivery to customer is possible by appointment and mutual agreement at $1.00/mile

(one way mileage from the processing facility)


*see “Examples of Typical Grassfed Yields” in box below

Examples of Typical Grassfed Yields

Below is an example of a “typical” packout you might expect from a grassfed animal.  Note that neither Earthwise nor the processing facility can guarantee a specific weight of edible beef as each animal is unique in its frame and fat distribution.


Example 1

1200 lb steer

60% dress out (rail or hanging weight)         = 720 lbs

main meat cuts (65% of hanging weight)      = 468 lbs

leftover (fat, tallow, suet, organ meats)        = (+/-) 252 lbs





Example 2

1000 lb steer

60% dress out (rail or hanging weight)         = 600 lbs

main meat cuts (65% of hanging weight)      = 390 lbs

leftover (fat, tallow, suet, organ meats)        = (+/-) 210 lbs


Resources for Beef Cuts and Processing

Links to more info


Cook’s Thesaurus  a great, detailed look at every meat type and cut

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