When Earthwise Organics was founded in 1996, the company became known for its super-fine, nutrient rich organic compost- sold by the bag at local nurseries and in bulk to nurseries, landscapers, and golf courses throughout the Rio Grande Valley region of South Texas.


Earthwise Organics has been making and selling bulk soil and landscape materials since operations began in 1996.

We still sell our super-fine, nutrient rich organic compost in bag or in bulk to local nurseries, landscapers, and golf courses throughout South Texas. We also have a number of other bulk compost and topsoil products and can create custom mixes and blends for our South Texas customers. Please note: these bulk products are only available for local distribution in South Texas. For more information about distribution areas, please contact us.

Another benefit to being a local customer is that you can stop by our retail location to peruse our shelves, library, and informational materials and get up close and personal with our products.

Mulches, Composts and Nursery Mixes

Mulches – Pine Bark Mulch -Cedar Mulch -Native Mulch

Composts – Premium Compost -Composted Landscape Mix -Woody Compost

Nursery Mixes – Nursery Mix -Nursery Mix/ Screened Topsoil 50/50**

Topsoil, Sand, Gravel, and Stone

Topsoil and Sand –

Top Soil -Top Soil (Screened)

Top Soil/Compost 80/20 Screened

Top Soil/Compost 70/30 Screened**

Top Soil/Compost 70/30 Unscreened**

Top Soil/Compost 50/50 -Screened**Sands

Concrete Sand – River Sand

Gravel and Stone

-River Gravel – (1/4″ -1″) -River Gravel – (3/41 -2″)

-Crushed Stone -Granite -Wood Chips -Erosion Control (compost & wood chips)