O Vinagreen

Manufacturer: Fleishman's Vinegar
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vinagreen, vinegar 20%

Available in the following sizes:  55 gal drum, 220 gal (4 drum pallet)


Product Name



Product Manufacturer

Fleishman’s Vinegar

Product Type

Plant Protection



20% Liquid White Vinegar

Organically Certified as Herbicide



Weed Control when mechanical and cultural controls are insufficient.  Smaller weeds (2 inches or less) are more easily controlled.


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Efficacy of organically approved herbicides is very dependent on the size and type of weed to be controlled.  Temperature and humidity are also very important as dessication is the main mode of action.  Addition of adjuvants to the tank mix such as wetting agents, orange oil, and salt have been shown to improve efficacy in some cases.


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