O Gypsum – Premium 97 Solution Grade

Manufacturer: Diamond K
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Diamond K Gypsum - Premium 97 Solution Grade,Diamond K, gypsum, soil conditioner, plant nutrition, water soluble

Diamond K Gypsum is available in the following sizes: 50 lb bags, 2500 lb pallet, 2000 lb super bags (half or full load)


Product Name



Product Manufacturer

Diamond K

Product Type

Soil Treatment

Plant Nutrition

Water Treatment



Soil Conditioner, Slowly Water Soluble and Highly Suspendable Fine Powder.

Suitable for injection through irrigation systems.

(Diamond K also sells specially designed applicators to more easily inject this gypsum product into a variety of irrigation systems)



Soil calcium deficiency, high soil salt index, high salt index irrigation water, poor internal drainage of soils, poor soil tilth, etc.


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Apply through Irrigation:  Sprinkler, Drip or Pivot

Creates many benefits for poorly drained, crusty soils.


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