OR Brandt Ecotec Plus

Manufacturer: Brandt
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Brandt Ecotec Plus, plant protection, miticide and insecticide

Available in the following sizes: 2.5 gal (5 gal case),  180 gal pallet


Product Type

Plant Protection



Broad spectrum miticide and insecticide.

Contains rosemary and peppermint oils PLUS Geraniol.



Brandt Ecotec Plus controls pests such as, but not limited to, mites, aphids, beetles, thrips, whiteflies, caterpillars, and mealybugs.  It can be used as a an effective standalone product, but is often used in a tank mix with other pesticides.  When tank mixed it improves the efficacy of other contact pesticides by acting as an “exciter”; its odor confuses insects and causes them to move around on the plant.  Brandt Ecotec Plus is often used in conjunction with Brandt TriTek against disease vectoring insects.


Can be used alone but is often used as a tank mix with oils and insecticides.

As part of a tank mix, Ecotec Plus may cause excessive movement and confusion of insect sensory mechanisms, thus enhancing activity of other contact insecticides.

Has a very pleasant smell due to its composition of essential oils.


The combination of Brandt Tritek and Brandt Ecotec Plus can be effective in preventing the spread of diseases by insect vectors.  Especially in the case of viral diseases, only a few minutes of feeding can be enough to transmit the disease.  The full surface coverage of TriTek along with the sensory confusing effects of Ecotec combine to reduce feeding significantly, thus limiting infection of the crop.



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