O ViaTrac VT 8-1-1

Manufacturer: ViaTrac Fertlizer
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ViaTrac 8-1-1

ViaTrac 8-1-1  is available in the following sizes: 50 lb bag, 2000 lb pallet, 2000 super bags, bulk truckloads



Product Name

ViaTrac VT 8-1-1


Product Manufacturer

ViaTrac Fertilizer

Product Type

Plant Nutrition



A blend of poultry feather meal and composted chicken manure with a guaranteed analysis of 8-1-1 (NPK).

This is a pelleted product with many additional essential mineral nutrients plus soil building carbon.





A need for balanced fertility with additional nitrogen, enhanced microbial diversity and support, and soil carbon.



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3-3-3 6-2-2 8-1-1, and 10-1-1  formulations are available from this manufacturer.

The chicken manure in these products is composted rather than pasteurized.

Feather, Blood, and Bone meal is an additional component in the higher nitrogen blends.


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