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Fertoz, Rock Phosphate Sulfur Blend 0-20-0 with 90S

Fertoz  Rock Phosphate Sulfur Blend is available in the following sizes: full pallet (50 lb bags), and pallet (super bag)


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Fertoz Granular Rock Phosphate Sulfur Blend


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Soil Treatment



70% rock phosphate and 30% elemental sulfur



Phosphate and Sulfur are important soil and plant nutrients.  Fertoz Phosphate is recommended for soil or plant Phosphate deficiency.  Fertoz Phosphate/Sulfur Blend is indicated for soils with both Phosphate and Sulfur deficiency.  This blend is also indicated for high pH soils that are only deficient in Phosphate – the acidifying effects of the Sulfur can make the Phosphate more available to plants in those conditions.



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Phosphate (P2O5) is one of the major soil macronutrients along with Nitrogen (N), and Potash (K2O).  It is difficult to measure soil availability of phosphate and some soils may need large initial applications (up to 1000 lbs/acre) to bring the soil to a point where it will release sufficient phosphate to the plant.  After the soil is brought to balance, only maintenance amounts (100-200 lbs/acre) are usually needed.  On the other hand, very little phosphate is leached out of the soil, so over-application can also occur, especially in the case of repeated manure applications.

Nitrogen and Potash are much more mobile in the soil than Phosphate.  When manure or compost is applied in sufficient amounts for the crop needs of N and K2O, phosphate will build up over time, as N and K2O are used and/or leached out of the root zone.  This is something that organic farmers should be cautious about when using manure (or compost) as their main fertility source.  It often takes 5-10 years or more for phosphate levels to build up to a point where they can interfere with the uptake of other minerals.  But at some point it will be best practice for organic farmers who use manure or compost to incorporate supplemental sources of N and K2O to avoid phosphate buildup.


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