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Manufacturer: Verdesian Life Sciences
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Verdesian Life Sciences, ClearDrip-O, water treatment, organic drip line cleaner

Cleardrip-O is available in the following sizes: 2.5 gal  (5 gal case), 180 gal pallet


Product Name

Cleardrip – O


Product Manufacturer

Verdesian Life Sciences

Product Type

Water Treatment



Organic Drip Line Cleaner



Designed to keep drip irrigation tubes clean and free of mineral deposits.  Best used all season as opposed to sporadic shock treatments.


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For carbonate precipitation problems, inject ClearDrip-O during the last portion of the irrigation set.  Injection
should be started early enough in the irrigation cycle so that the water left in the system contains ClearDrip-O.

For biological problems (e.g. slime or algae) with or without carbonate precipitation problems, inject ClearDrip-
O throughout the entire irrigation cycle.  Biological problems generally require more frequent flushing of
the mains, laterals, and lines.

If the system flow is compromised by carbonates and/or biological plugging, then a higher rate of ClearDrip-
O is often effective.  If all irrigation system components are acid resistant or acid tolerant then inject sufficient
ClearDrip-O to achieve a pH of 3.0 – 5.0.  Fill irrigation system with this treated water and wait for approximately
3 hours, or longer in severe situations.  After this holding period, the drip tubes should be opened and
flushed with untreated water.  However, if all components are not acid resitant or acid tolerant, the final pH of
the treated water should not be less than pH 5.5.


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