N-Phuric 15/49

Manufacturer: Loveland Products, Inc
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Loveland Products, N-Phuric, water treatment, Monocarbamide DiHydrogen Sulfate

Available in the following sizes: 1000+ gal bulk load – direct shipped


Product Name

N-pHuric 15/49


Product Manufacturer

Loveland Products, Inc.

Product Type

Water Treatment



Monocarbamide DiHydrogen Sulfate

Not allowed for Certified Organic Production



Soils: Improves calcium utilization, sodium leaching, and internal drainage.

Water:  Improves calcium utilization, lowers pH, improves sodium mobility.


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Excellent cleaning agent for all types and components of irrigation systems.

A slower reacting acidifier (better safety profile for human contact than some other commonly used agricultural acids).


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