O Karanja Pro

Manufacturer: Neem Pro, Inc
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Neem Pro, Inc., Karanja Pro, pest control, adjuvant, unrefined, natural oil

Available in the following sizes: 1 gal, 2.5 gal (5 gal case),  55 gal drum, 220 gal (4 drum pallet)


Product Name

Karanja Pro


Product Manufacturer

Neem Pro, Inc.

Product Type

Plant Protection



Unrefined, 100% natural karanja oil

Adjuvant for insecticides and fungicides



Used in a tank mix with other natural insecticides


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Typically used as an adjuvant with foliar applications of neem oil.

See Neem/Karanja mixing instructions.

This product has a melting/hardening threshold of about 50 F.


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