O Fulvic Acid (Soluble)

Manufacturer: Ferti-Organic
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Ferti-Organic, Fulvic Acid, soluble powder 69%, plant stimulator

Available in the following sizes: 50 lb bags, 2500 lb pallet


Product Type

Soil Treatment / Plant Nutrition / Adjuvant / Plant Stimulator



Soluble Powder – 69% Fulvic Acid




Assists in plant nutrient uptake, especially in foliar formulations.

Fulvic acid is the short chain component of the full range of humic acid products.  The smaller molecule makes it more easily absorbable into leaf and root tissue than the longer chain Ulmic and Humic acids.  This is beneficial for absorption of the product itself, but also facilitates the entry of other co-applied  nutrients and crop protection aids into the plant.


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