OR Agree WG (BT)

Manufacturer: Certis 
Organic Documentation
Certis Agree WG Bt, plant protection, (Bt) Bacillus thuringensis, aizawai strain

Agree is available in the following sizes: 5 lb bag (20 lb cases)


Product Name

Agree  WG


Product Manufacturer


Product Type

Plant Protection



(Bt) Bacillus thuringensis- aizawai strain

For control of lepidopterous insect pests of certain terrestrial fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and flowers, tobacco, corn, cotton, soybeans, and citrus



Lepidoptera infestation (moth and butterfly larvae)


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Bt 101 (Certis PowerPoint, pdf format)


Certis represents several Bt strains.  Most are effective against all Lepidoptera, but slightly vary in their efficacy against specific species.  Label rates also vary depending on size and type of worm that is being treated.  Trident Bt is an example of a Bt which is only effective against potato beetle.





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