O Sulfur – 99.5% Elemental Sulfur for Water Treatment

Manufacturer: Multiple Manufacturers
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Elemental Sulfur

Elemental Sulfur is available in the following sizes: 50 lb bags, 2000 lb pallet, 2000 lb super bag


Product Names

Tiger Elemental Sulfur 99.5% / Martin Elemental Sulfur 99.5%


Product Manufacturers

TigerSul Products / Martin Resources

Product Type

Water Treatment



99.5% Elemental Sulfur

Modifies water and soil chemistry, aids in sodium leaching, and improves mineral uptake in high pH soils.



High salt index irrigation source, soil sulfur deficiency, poor soil internal drainage.

(Often used in sulfur burning systems when irrigation water is of poor quality)


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Commonly used in sulfur burners to improve water quality and penetration.



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